Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

Oftentimes I think about how much I want a changed life, and how little I actually try to make any effort to really change anything that makes me unhappy. So either I feel shackled to everything that binds me and weighs me down, or I actually enjoy Hell...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Who Knows?

Though I am basically fueled by music, it doesn't seem as though I talk much about it or write much about it. Of course my writing has been very scarce lately, that includes the blog, poetry, stories, lyrics etc. I just haven't done well in my creative endeavors for some time now. I am not giving up, I always continue to push forward.

As Furtheron happened to ask me in the comments of my last blog, "Have you tried Therapy....?" --Well, the answer to that is No. I probably could use some therapy, but I can't really afford it, and I am also great at self-analysis and can pretty much tell you all of the things that are wrong with me, so it is not an issue with awareness, I know I'm pretty scrambled and screwed-up, but I'm working on it. (shrugs)

However, I digress... this morning I had to go to work from my Mother's house instead of my own which added an extra 30 minutes to the trip, so I buried myself in music, taking my time, stopping for tea and getting engrossed in some Hendrix... it just felt like a Jimi Hendrix type of day, misty, raining and just bluesy. So I in my electric blues can "Hear my Train a'Comin" all the while I am tilted, on my Axis... Bold as Love... of course I am always Bold as Love, maybe even bolder.... Who Knows?

Who knows - Jimi Hendrix from Giacomo Squaquara on Vimeo.

They don't know,
like I know.
Do you know?
I don't know.
What my baby,
puttin' down.
What my baby,
puttin' down.
I just came back from,
Rockland County.
Just came back in town,
lookin' for my Sally.
Uh, have you seen her?
Have you seen her?
Talkin' 'bout my baby,
talkin' about my baby.
Just came in, just came in babe.
Just came in, just came in.
Spreadin' magic honey, all around,
she's got chains, attached to my head.
Talkin' about, talkin' about,
talkin' about my baby,
I don't know 'bout it.