Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Rush

No frills today, just a quick check-in. It has been very hectic around the office and life in general, the holidays (as depressing as they are) happen to be upon us... we're in mid-swing and I just don't have much time to think on my writings. I have fantasies of living in New England or New York somewhere and living a comfortable life as a writer and a painter, every day is my own and I am smiling genuinely, sipping my coffee and feeling that magic in my spirit again that life is good. One of these days, maybe... one of these days. Well, happy holidays to you all... I'll try to write more as soon as the fog lifts.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm Alright

So the good news is that I'm feeling some better. I appreciate the comments and notes, they are always helpful and I enjoy reading some of the thoughts and experiences of my friends. So thank you.

Yes, I'm working on it, work in progress, and every day is a winding road with ups and downs and bumps, but the important part is to strive to get back up when we fall, give ourselves a break when we need it, cut ourselves some slack when we don't quite get it right and just know that it's all about the ride and the learning experience.

I don't feel much like a long post so I'll leave it at that for today, and just say... well, I'm alright.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sour apple

I have truly been one disgruntled sourpuss for the better part of the last week, leading up to the holiday and still up until this current point. 

Truth of the matter is someone's behavior is really getting on my nerves. I had hoped for better. I had foolishly tried to entertain the thought that I somehow matter to this person but I'm not feeling that way at all. I wish this didn't affect my behavior or my mood so much but it does. 

That's really all I have to say today...

I'm trying to pick myself up and get out of this funk and change my thought patterns about it, but so far I am NOT having much luck.

I think I will vegetate in my bed all day and see if I can just recharge or brainwash myself.

This sucks.


Granny Smith