Wednesday, July 23, 2014

From the Bowels of Hell

It's Wednesday morning, a little bit past 8:00 a.m. Ok, so it's closer to 8:30 a.m., since I hit snooze one too many times, and I had to stop off at a nearby drive-thru Subway for my 3" Flatbread with Ham/Egg/Cheese and my large Unsweetened Iced Tea. I can't function without something to start my day. 

Nevertheless, as I swipe my security badge in the card-thingy-swiper, and open the door, the evil, dark-overlord, putrid and demonic stench of burned popcorn fills my olfactory system like a stray, desperate, homeless demon looking for a host body.

Instantly, I grimace... "For the love of all things Holy and Clean, who would even eat popcorn at 8 in the morning?!" I exclaim.
Nobody will admit to the dirty deed.

We continue to complain, and make up jokes and songs about bad popcorn and burning things in the microwave until well near lunchtime, as we realize that the stench still lives on, proudly irritating my sinuses, and making us all feel a bit nauseous. It's as if someone's been cremated. How can it last this long? Madness.

Oh yeah, and it's also Hump Day... as if that's going to make any difference in my day.

Hope all is well with you lot... and why am I acting British? =)

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