Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ass Whoopin'

I really resent myself for not writing like I used to. I see most posts where I say "Getting back to this writing thing" or "going to start writing more" blah blah blah, and yet I have yet to be consistent.

It's not for a lack of want. I guess when I went through so much dealing with my Mother's illness and then recent passing (November 2014) I just lost those creative juices or spark.

I torment myself for that, I have punished myself for it mentally and emotionally, but I have also determined that we all go through various ups and downs with different phases of our lives and everything always works best for us when we cling to our spirit, follow our guts and "Let it Flow".

I'm trying a more positive thinking and speaking slant on my life, and getting back some of my spark, I believe I am finally on the up or on my way to bigger and greater things. It's my time.

Therefore, I have given some thought to my old "Deep In The Forrest" blog, and loved it so much I might want to go back and get it going again, but I like this one too--maybe I'll do both. We'll see.

I guess a few people are still reading.


Stick around.

Just Me Jax


  1. Still dropping by from time to time... I ended up with two blogs and write far less.

    Partly I suppose I just don't really have anything much to say these days but I'm at (guitars and music) and (life and recovery) these days

  2. Still try to get around to everyone when I can. Love reading you guys.


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