Friday, April 3, 2015

Dolly Dagger

Here comes Dolly Dagger
Her love's so heavy, 
gonna make you stagger
Dolly Dagger
She ain't satisfied 
  'til she get what she's after

She drinks the blood
from the jagged edge
Look out baby here 
comes your master...


  1. Well, honey, I have no master.....

  2. In his last gig on UK soil - early hours of 31st August at Afton Down in Isle Of Wight... (side note I once booked a holiday in an old barn... on Afton Down... I'm so sad!!) Jimi played Dolly Dagger on a black Flying Vee custom - the one with the Trini Lopez like inlays on the neck. I've held that guitar... just held it... obviously I don't play left handed plus... I couldn't play Hendrix's guitar that wouldn't be right but I have held it and felt that it had been touched by genius...

  3. Thanks guys, you know I love Jimi and anything related to him… I name my motorcycles after him after all. Hope all is well with you, and I am glad to see you still stirring around. I'm still here.


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